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Matt Bachtel

President at Bachtel Excavating Inc.

via linkedIn

Sometimes you have to slow down to go fast.

Friday the Bachtel Excavating Inc. team took time out of our busy schedule to implement our exciting new training program.

Pulling the entire team out of the field, in the heart of our busy season, is not easy. However it is necessary.

With (7) out of (15) field members being under the age of 26.

With a business model that focuses on hiring people with a willingness to learn, positive attitude and a documented, consistent, work history. Not previous excavating experience. Bachtel Excavating had no choice but to implement a formal training program.

The BEI team choice the BuildWitt training software platform, as the foundation for our training program. This platform offers hours of modern, professionally produced training videos. The videos cover a multitude of topics. Safety, laboring, grade checking, pipe laying, equipment operating and leadership. These are just a few of the topics covered.

In addition to the BuildWitt content, the software allows us to upload training content produced in house, by Bachtel Excavating.

The ability to share BEI training through the BuildWitt app, is easy and convenient. More importantly, we feel that the in house content will be the most impactful training for our team.

The future is looking looking bright for Bachtel Excavating. We can’t wait to see where our new training program takes us.


Train free during peak season

Peak season is rough enough as is. So we’d like to make it a little easier on you and your team. 

Sign up for BuildWitt Training this season and get an additional three months free. Book a time that works for you with the sales team to get started. Can’t find a time that works with your schedule?

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I have been looking for a platform that would align with the way I had always trained. Now I have the tools to do it!

Dusty Neil

L4 Construction


It allows us to integrate our in-house material seamlessly. We already use more apps than I would like, so keeping training on one platform is great.

Benjamin Ruthven

Peitzmeier Demoliton & Concrete Cutting


The quality of your production is better than most training videos. A lot of times you're getting a grainy 1970s safety training video, and we're still showing those at our trench safety classes. So...just the fact that someone's producing modern content is a win, because I think guys pay attention better.

Matt Bachtel

Bachtel Excavating

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